The first password manager that meets real challenges


Confirmation of business idea, increase conversion rates of the landing page.

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The client came to us with the idea to develop corporate passwords storage service. Of course, the idea isn’t the new one. But the project has the icing on the cake – face recognition by gesture. We’ve decided to launch a landing page to check the idea’s viability.


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Marketing research

The first edition of the landing page was developed by outsourcing company, but the client dislikes it. After an express-audit of the page we have identified the missing elements in the design and content, which significantly reduced the conversion. Thus, we have come to the creation of a new version of the landing page design with a game-changing new style.

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The main page color – yellow. Everything is simple here: motivates to action, energizes, friendly and active. Vector came by itself: nothing could not express the idea of the project more precise and clearly, as a vector format. Precise lines, carefully traced elements of the individuality of each detail.

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Everything went off smoothly for such a project.


The project was launched after 3 weeks from the start of work. Now landing page is in testing ideas and collecting leads.

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We've solved our client's business challenge and showed what a reliable service he has

animation feature

We have created an animation showing the authentication process for users' convenience.

The system scans employee’s face

Cabinet animation

Asks to do some simple mimic acts

Cabinet animation

Access allowed only if everything is ok

Cabinet animation

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Cabinet typography
Cabinet typography
Cabinet typography
Cabinet typography


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Cabinet icon
Cabinet icon
Cabinet icon

project Team

Project Manager, Front-end Developer, Designer, QA-Engineer, Marketing Manager.

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