The web-based image gallery


The cloud web application used by the transnational corporation to hold a photograph competition between its employees.



The cloud-based web application developed for the in-house contest between a big corporation’s employees.


We were required to create both the web application and background cloud client for receiving emails and publishing pictures from it, and also to implement the voting functionality.

Client: A big transnational corporation.


In the project, we developed the website with complicated animation made of pictures uploaded to the cloud; also the background process for gathering photos and attaching them to user profiles was developed.

In addition, the application includes the voting feature allowing to vote just once in one browser, with saving an IP address to the database. To display the percent of the contest participants among employees, the Bing map is integrated.

Project Team

2 backend developers, 1 project manager.


Participants send their photos to the special e-mail, and then users can filter profiles and vote for pictures. User profiles are displayed with the help of complicated animation. The embedded map shows the participants’ percent from the entire number of employees in a certain country.

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