Photo enhancing service


A creative Danish art photographer asked us to help build and launch his Phohance startup – photo enhancing service



Successfully launched in 2015

Phohance screenshots

Project tasks

Management of orders related to photo editing

Transparent online order processing within 24 hours

Development of the internal payment system

3 facts about project


Project was demonstrated using video conferences.


The first experience of team work with a remote developer, communicating on Skype only.

Phohance screenshots

98% of layouts were approved on the first try.


  • The design of the web site is responsive. The Holi paints and Before-and-After comparisons were the main service images, offered by the client.

  • To process an order a service user should upload a photo and specify his wishes. We have developed a special plug-in, that visually tags essential points and supports a great number of rare and unusual image formats.

  • The users from different European countries are the target audience of the site. Considering this, we have integrated the VAT calculation functionality into the system for all the European countries.

  • According to business model, we included the Credit option into the service – internal currency, the rate of which can be changed by administrator. The Credits are used for payment of orders.

  • We have successfully integrated Phohance into the national Danish QuickPay payment system for payment of orders and have learned a couple of Danish words!


Project screens


  • 2 backend developers

  • 1 frontend developer

  • 1 test engineer

  • 1 designer

  • 1 project manager


  • Magick.NET
  • MS SQL
  • Amazon

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